We are proud to have seventeen employees on our payroll, and eight professional subcontractors working closely with us. We work hard to pay higher than average wages and keep staff employed year round, with benefits for full-time employees. We provide help with the cost of ski passes and subsidize life insurance, disability, dental and hospitalization benefits through AFLAC. We also try to provide a supportive vacation policy, with fulltime employees receiving paid vacation, and we create a work environment that supports parenting. We are an equal opportunity employer who recruits exceptional staff without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetics, sexual preference, status as transgendered, etc.

Karen Hoskin is President/CEO and Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Montanya Distillers. She plays a strong role in choosing distilling cuts and selecting spirits that are ready to bottle from the barrel. She participates in and helps manage the bottling lines. She also handles national sales and marketing, brand development, events, web design, social networking, graphic design, advertising, product development, mixology, company strategic planning, HR, and the busy rum bar and restaurant. She is also occasionally found tending the patio gardens.   

Brice Hoskin is Head Distiller and Co-Founder and Co-Owner of the company. Brice designs the distilling process and manages the Distilling staff, in addition to handling proofing, bottling, federal compliance, wholesale fulfillment, quality control, and product development. He is a Colorado native, born and raised in Grand Junction, CO. He is also a crazy inventor, often making what we lovingly call "Brice Devices" - just that thing you need to automate or fix any procedure that needs extra attention.

Rose Reyes is our Chef. She grew up in a time and place where farm-to-table ingredients were the only way to prepare food – shopping at the local farmer’s market for what was the freshest. Watching her mother work with what was available still stands as one of Rose’s strongest inspirations. Now formally trained at the Cook Street School of Culinary Art in Denver, Rose integrates that dedication to freshness into her Nouvelle Cuisine dishes that sparkle with an Asian Fusion twist. Her modern interpretations of wine country gastronomy reference classical French and Italian while assimilating the roots of her ethnic influences. Her sensibilities dedicate her to the full range of aesthetic and sensual experiences of eating – of the visual and textural ingeniously followed by a surprising and delightful explosion of tastes. Rose was with us for a brief stint in the summer of 2014 before leaving for culinary school. She returned to Montanya full time in the spring of 2016. 

Brandon Muller is our General Manager. He is responsible for day-to-day operations of our Tasting Room, which include preparing and ordering food, sourcing local products, and contributing to new menu ideas. He also manages employee scheduling and oversees our Tasting Room operation as a whole. Brandon originally hails from Toms River, New Jersey, and he is a graduate of West Chester University in Pennsylvania. He moved to Crested Butte in 2013 and has been a part of the Montanya team since the summer of 2015. Brandon is an avid skier and mountain biker. Read more about Brandon here.

Wade Koeman, our Front of House Manager, is a Colorado native who grew up in Montrose and Telluride. He is a musician and sound engineer, and handles Montanya's vibrant music venue bookings and musician support. He also assists our General Manager with Tasting Room operations and oversees our Mercantile area to keep it well stocked with great merchandise. Wade and his wife Marjani, who is a math teacher at the community school, returned to Colorado from Maryland in 2015 to join family also living in Crested Butte.

Jodi Harper Nute is a Silverton transplant like owners Karen and Brice Hoskin. Jodi is a major part of our creative team since 2011, making our truffles and bitters, creating many cocktail recipes, innovating new products, and acting as de facto in house counselor and motivational therapist for all the staff. 

Megan Craver has worked for Montanya for nearly four years, and has played multiple roles in the company. She currently represents Montanya at events, and is our Colorado Brand Ambassador. Originally from Pennsylvania, Megan attended college at Kutztown University of PA where she received a Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting and Art History. She continues to create art in here in Crested Butte. Her artwork can be found at the Paragon Art Gallery, in our Tasting Room, and in the Mountain Express Bus Barn. In her spare time, Megan enjoys going on hikes with her dog, riding her mountain bike, and snowboarding in the winter. She's also trying to learn how to ski again... Read more about Megan here.

Gavin Hermann works in the Tasting Room giving tours and tastings as well as bartending. He is from Danville, Virginia and moved to the Gunnison Valley five years ago to attend Western State Colorado University, double majoring in Business Administration and History. He is often found climbing in the Black Canyon, biking all throughout the greater Crested Butte area, or skiing the extremes of Crested Butte resort. His hobbies, which include biking, rock climbing, skiing, and kayaking, are a huge part of why he loves this valley.

Renee Newton works in literally every single position in the company; distiller, bottling crew, events, sales, bartending, and more. She makes all the kimchee and sauerkraut for our food menu. She has been with us since 2013. Renee hails from North Carolina and loves to travel, mountain bike, grow wonderful things indoors and outside. She is a cleaning and organizing force of nature at Montanya Distillers, which everyone appreciates. Learn more about Renee here.

Gilles Huegi works as a full-time distiller, as well as within the barrel house where he organizes barrels, tastes the upcoming batches, proofs and readies rum for bottling, and partitions ingredients for our distilling days. He enjoys giving tours at our tasting room and informing people of our ingredients, process and love for the craft of making world class rum. Gilles was born in Meilen, Switzerland, and lived there until he was 12, when he moved to the US. Read more about Gilles here.


Heidi Shabo, Sarah Chesebrough, Kristen Fitzgerald, Juliette Eymere, and Alyssa McGill - plus we can't forget our awesome independent cleaning crew, accountants and bookkeepers, attorney, architect, PR firm and more. THANKS ALL!
































Karen Hoskin - President, CEO and Co-Owner

Brice Hoskin - Head Distiller and Co-Owner

Rose Reyes - Chef

Brandon Muller - General Manager

Wade Koeman - Bar Manager

Jodi Harper Nute - Creative Team 

 Megan Craver - Brand Ambassador

Megan Craver - Brand Ambassador

 Gavin Hermann - Tasting Room

Gavin Hermann - Tasting Room

 Renee Newton - Distiller, Tasting Room, Events, Sales

Renee Newton - Distiller, Tasting Room, Events, Sales

 Gilles Huegi - Distiller

Gilles Huegi - Distiller