The unexpected

Venezuelan Cubano Arepas

Montanya Distillers is known for rum, yes. But more recently, we have been surprised to notice how many of our customers are giving us high marks for our food, too. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise. We have a philosophy that if we are going to do something, we should do it right.  

Owner Karen Hoskin is a dedicated fan of street food in the worldwide destinations she visits. It is the freshest, hottest and often most flavorful local food. She and her culinary staff, including Chef Rose Reyes and Kitchen Manager Brandon Muller, interpret international street food like Pho and Jibaritos with a farm to table, highly culinary flair.

In this part of Colorado, we are close to locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables, greens and root crops, as well as artisans who prepare beautiful goat cheeses, pastas, and more. Our menu changes seasonally, and features as many local and Colorado made ingredients as we can regularly source. You will find our menu to feature a selection of inspired international streetfood made in house with fresh ingredients, local when we can get them. Our chef Rose Reyes and her kitchen staff lovingly prepare most items from scratch and by hand for you to enjoy. Worth a visit!